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Acts III is committed to Competence, Compliance and Confidentiality. Established in 1994, our reputation with our clients is our biggest reward.

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Fund Accounting, which can be complicated, requires a thorough understanding and adherence to the underlying concepts of fund accounting and accurate financial statement preparation.


Payroll for a church can be a challenging venture. Without expertise in this area, many churches encounter penalties for late or incorrect payroll filings, or mis-filed W-2 / 1099 forms.

Church & Clergy Taxes

Churches (or para-church ministries) may be considered tax exempt —as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization —but that exemption only pertains to certain taxable events.

About Us

In 1994 with the assistance of her current employer, a tax and estate attorney, ACTS III, a tax and accounting home-based business, began offering services in Accounting, Consulting and Taxes. Although the services focused on church and clergy tax law, the business also served small family-owned businesses that faced accounting needs beyond their budget constraints.

Clients We Worked With

“For someone with little knowledge of accounting, I found myself in the position of church treasurer. I knew that I needed serious help! Through a great deal of research, I decided on Power Church, which has been one of the best decisions for me, and for our church, that I could possibly have made. Mary is patient, kind, and truly has her client’s best interest at heart. When something doesn’t “click”, she will always take time to explain over and over until you understand, always with kindness….”
Debbie Montgomery
Treasurer, Chestnut Hill Baptist Church
“….I want to say not only is she (Mary) a woman of God, but she is a patient person when it comes to training. She knows her stuff and if she doesn’t know, she will find out for you. It’s not an overnight process if you have not entered anything in Power Church. It has been some months, however, Mary has hung in there for us if we need her…..Churches if you are looking for someone to get you on track with Power Church, Mary is the one…”
Patience Eure-Robinson
Treasurer, Fourth Baptist Church
“Southern Hills United Methodist, Tulsa has been a client of Mary Hollifield’s (ACTS III), for 6+ years. Mary has consistently done an excellent job, even going the extra mile when tasks needed to be done quickly. She is knowledgeable, dedicated, and communicates well with staff and volunteer leaders. Mary is a valuable part of our financial ministry team.”
Tom McElroy
Pastor, Southern Hills United Methodist
“Mary Hollifield (ACTS III) has provided financial services to our church for approximately 5 years. Her work has included performing an in-depth annual audit, conducting employee training on Power Church software, performing monthly financial entries in Power Church, submitting monthly payroll services and completing/submitting quarterly and annual State and Federal Taxes/Forms. She has a wealth of knowledge and is very professional in all her work and interactions. She is always timely on completing payroll services and taxes. In addition, she has handled answering IRS questions on personal taxes where TurboTax did not properly calculate taxes.”
Kevin Slattum
Finance Chairman, Memorial United Methodist

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