Training & Support

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ACTS III is an authorized training consultant for PowerChurch.  We will come directly to your site, at your convenience, and work with you hands-on to ensure that you have complete working knowledge to effectively operate and manage the PowerChurch program.  Our years of experience and expertise will enable you to reduce your liability by providing you with accurate accounting and maximum data integrity with PowerChurch.

Training can provided for all, or any combination of the following sessions, based on the specific needs of your ministry and personnel.

  • Session 1—Membership
  • Session 2 –Ministries
  • Session 3 –Maintenance
  • Session 4 –Contributions
  • Session 5 –Accounts Payable
  • Session 6 –Accounts Receivable
  • Session 7 –Payroll
  • Session 8 –General Ledger

Charge for Onsite Training  – 1-10 participants:

  • $400 1/2 day (not to exceed 4 hours);
  • $650 all day (not to exceed 8 hours);
  • Plus travel expense based on current IRS standard mileage & per diem rates


ACTS III will provide ongoing accounting support and remote training, including but not limited to:

• Problem Resolution —errors and omissions, adjusting journal entries
• Oversight Training —chart of accounts and funds structure and format
• Oversight Training —revisions to Contributions, Accounts Payable & Payroll structure
• Hands-on training in PowerChurch applications

Schedule & Charges:

  • Sessions to be pre-scheduled in advance of date of service, if possible, with exception of critical issues requiring immediate attention
  • Billable event is initiated with first session conducted within any month.
  • No monthly billing for any month in which sessions have not been scheduled or conducted.
  • Billing — $75/mo for up to one hour accumulative; $100/hr (in 15 min. increments) for excess of one hour per month
  • Billed at end of each month.  Due by 10th of following month.
  1. All activities performed by remote access.
  2. Good communication is vitally important.
  3. Authorization limited to Primary Contact (opt. Alternate).